Plan your visit

Rules and how to visit


The Basilica Palladiana exhibition venue will be open during the exhibition period, from 11 December 2021 to 18 April 2022, every day except Monday, from 10am to 6pm. It is advisable to consult the section “Plan your visit” for extraordinary openings. The exhibition is extended to May 8, 2022.

The sale of tickets at the local cash desks ends 30 minutes before closing.


Is it possible to enter the exhibition with a valid entrance ticket. Once purchased, the ticket can no longer be changed, canceled or refunded.

Refunds are allowed only in the event of cancellation of the event by the organizer or for reasons of force majeure, at the sole discretion of the organizer.

Each ticket allows only one access and is not reusable, once you leave the exhibition it is not possible to re-enter.

During the entire period of stay in the exhibition site, the staff is authorized to request the exhibition of the entrance ticket: please keep it carefully until the end of the visit.

How to visit and Covid Certificate  

Following the decree-law 24 March 2022, n. 24, the Covid certificate will no longer be necessary to access museums, archaeological parks, exhibitions, archives, libraries and other places of culture. It is still mandatory to wear the surgical mask throughout the exhibition.

Bags and objects storage

It is mandatory to deposit backpacks, umbrellas, bulky bags and any other objects that, in the opinion of the security staff, cannot be introduced into the exhibition routes. It is mandatory to deposit baby strollers.
These objects must be left in the spaces set up for this purpose within the exhibition venue. The self-managed cloakroom service is free and can only be used for the duration of the visit.


Inside the Basilica Palladiana it is forbidden to smoke and use electronic cigarettes.


Animals, even small ones, are not allowed to enter, with the sole exception of guide dogs for the blind and service dogs for assistance to the disabled.

Food and drink

For reasons of hygiene and safety of the works and spaces, it is not possible to eat or drink in the exhibition venue.

Photo shooting

Shooting of photographs and videos is permitted without the use of a flash and without the use of tripods or selfie sticks. Some exhibited works may not be photographable and will in that case be visually marked.

Cell phones and other mobile devices

In the exhibition halls, please mute the ringtone and audio of cell phones and other mobile devices. The use of the devices must be discreet so as not to disturb the visit.

Role of the staff

The surveillance staff is available to visitors for general information on the route of the exhibition, on the works, on the use of the spaces of the Basilica; he is also responsible for the safety of the works and the smooth running of the visit: the indications and prescriptions of the surveillance staff must therefore be carefully followed.

Guided tours

Guided tours will be carried out, both by internal staff and by authorized external parties, with the aid of radio guide devices provided by the organizers of the exhibition, so as not to disturb other visitors. During the explanations, the use of laser pointers to indicate the works is prohibited.

Protection of order and safety of the premises and works

The surveillance staff, in case of inappropriate behavior, has the right to ask visitors, individuals or groups, to qualify, in order to protect the safety of the works and the tranquility of visitors.

In case of persistence of behaviors incompatible with these rules, the staff will have the right to remove from the museum whoever was responsible for such behaviors, while the management reserves the right to undertake adequate initiatives and measures in all locations.

In the event of an alarm, visitors are required to strictly follow the instructions of the museum operators. If the evacuation of the building is ordered, it is necessary to proceed in a disciplined and orderly manner, respecting the directives of the staff.

In the event of a large turnout and in any situation that could compromise the safety of people or property, access can be temporarily prohibited or any necessary measures, imposed by circumstances, can be adopted to ensure the safety of people or things.


Visitors can submit reports and any complaints using the email address


The organizing institutions are relieved of any liability relating to damage to persons or property caused by non-compliance with this regulation.