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Gallerie di Palazzo Thiene

Contra’ San Gaetano 11
T. 0444 320854

Palazzo Thiene

Since 6 September 2021, the Municipality of Vicenza is officially the owner of Palazzo Thiene, an original example of Renaissance architecture, conceived by Giulio Romano and built approximately between 1542 and 1558 by Andrea Palladio, who also took care of the executive design.

It has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1994 and has been recognized as being of exceptional cultural interest since 2016. 

Former headquarters of the Banca Popolare di Vicenza since 1872, the building was subsequently acquired by the Immobiliare Stampa Company from which the Municipality bought it to return it to the citizens after almost five years of closure.

From 15 January, 2022 Gallerie di Palazzo Thiene are open four days a week, from Thursday to Sunday, and are officially in the city museum circuit.

You can see:

  • the rooms on the ground floor with the exhibition of the picture gallery
  • the rooms on the main floor with the exhibition of the picture gallery, the ceramics of the Antonibon manufacture and the collections of the 19th century Venetian popular dishes
  • the attic rooms with the collection of Remondini's prints and sculptures by Arturo Martini
  • the rooms of the attic with the collection of Remondini's prints and the sculptures of Arturo Martini