Itineraries inside the city

Seize the day! Discover Vicenza and its province during the art exhibition “Ritratto di donna: il sogno degli anni Venti. Lo sguardo di Ubaldo Oppi”, hosted inside the Basilica Palladiana from the 6th December 2019 to 13th April 2020.

We have thought of some tailored itineraries for groups and single visitors to get you acquainted with our wondrous territory and heritage. You can choose the “basic package”, which includes the overnight stay (for one or more nights) and the visit to the art exhibition, or a themed package. Moreover, you can add: the Vicenza Card (one ticket for 10 sites), a wine&food tasting (Vicentine grappa, local wines, bacalà), entrances to the Vicentine villas, relax&massage treatments in spas.

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T. 0444 994770

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Vicenza, the city of Andrea Palladio

Two days to discover Vicenza, which has been listed as UNESCO World Heritage site since 1994, together with the villas designed and built by the architect Palladio around the Veneto region.

Vicenza by hand

For your first time in Vicenza, choose to visit our city together with a tourist guide for a 2-hour-long tour that will take you along the most elegant streets of the historic centre.

Vicenza girl friendly, culture and shopping

Take a break with your girl friends and enjoy your stay in Vicenza between culture, shopping and wellness and learn some new tricks from a make-up expert.

Tasting Vicenza

Two days to enjoy the cultural attractions of Vicenza and savour its food and wine specialties.

Urban trekking with Palladio

A pleasant walk from the historic centre to Monte Berico, villa “La Rotonda” and villa Valmarana.