The Factory of the Renaissance
Creative processes, market and production in Vicenza

Exclusive opening

Marsilio Arte and Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Vicenza in partnership with Palladio Museum, as part of the project of the Municipality of Vicenza “Great Exhibitions in the Basilica”, are pleased to offer you the exclusive opening of the exhibition “La Fabbrica del Rinascimento. Creative processes, market and production in Vicenza. Palladio, Veronese, Bassano, Vittoria” to let you experience the great event in the Basilica Palladiana in Vicenza more closely.

What do we propose?

We can open the doors of the Basilica Palladiana to visit the exhibition “La Fabbrica del Rinascimento” in hours closed to the public. Your guests will be welcomed in one of the symbolic places of the Renaissance and will be able to admire the great masterpieces in a very exclusive way.

Because culture is the greatest of emotions.

Proposal 1

Closed door guided tour.

Live a unique experience with a closed door selected visit. A private guided tour to discover the Renaissance in a unique way and enter the workshop of the masters, discover their models and learn about the production mechanisms and the monetary value of these masterpieces at the time of their creation.

An opportunity to create a VIP event surrounded by art, history and beauty.

Proposal 2

Closed door guided tour and aperitif.

How to make your evening even more special?

You can end up the tour by offering your guests an aperitif on the ground floor of the Basilica, to continue experiencing the thrill of a unique event.

Info e Contacts

Marsilio Arte
Santa Marta, Fabbricato 17
30123 Venezia
C.F. e P.IVA: 03666441005
Chiara Pessina
+ 39 349 3905119

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